self aligning ball bearings

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Self aligning ball bearings are suitable for applications where misalignment can arise from errors in mounting or shaft deflection. The steel balls, cage, and inner ring can rotate freely at a certain angle, as it is stated that the bearings have self-aligning features.Recommends Self-Aligning Ball Bearings when the alignment of the shaft and housing is problematic and the shaft may bend. The outer ring has a spherical raceway and its centre of curvature coincides with that of the bearing; therefore, the axis of the inner ring, balls and cage can deflect to some extent around the bearing centre. 


The Double Row Self-Aligning ball bearings with Tapered Clamping Sleeve and Nut, are identical to Double Row Self-Aligning ball bearings except that these have a tapered bore, which is used for easier mounting and also a clamping sleeve and nut to clamp the bearings on the shaft. The tapered bore is also used for the adjustment of radial clearance.