plain bearings

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Function Plain bearings support and guide moving components inside the engine. Their primary purpose is to facilitate the virtually wear-free rotation of these components. Plain bearings comprise one or two bearing shells which are locked firmly in place in the bearing seat. The bearing shells wrap around the rotating shaft at the bearing journals.The wear on a plain bearing engine occurs when the engine is first started. On startup there is no oil flow or oil pressure so there is a minute amount of wear before the oil pressure comes up. Plain Bearings with no bushing are usually used for the camshaft in the cylinder head. There are several ways they are used.


Plain Bearings. The earliest blocks used plain bearings, but they have slowly given way to higher-performing bearings. Plain bearings have the least number of moving parts. A long lifespan and low maintenance with heavy load applications are the main benefits of plain bearings.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
360 mm x 480 mm x 160 mm ISO GE360DW plain bearings 68/750 750x920x78 750,000 920,000
15 mm x 26 mm x 13 mm IKO SB 15A plain bearings NJ328-E-M6+HJ328-E 140x300x62 140 300
INA GE70-DO plain bearings 6800ZZ 10x19x5 10 19
Toyana GE 018/32 XES-2RS plain bearings 68/850/1080 850x1080x82 850,000 1080,000
22,225 mm x 36,513 mm x 19,431 mm SIGMA GEZ 014 ES plain bearings 679 9x14x3 9 14
SKF SIL6C plain bearings 678AZZ 8x12x3.5 8 12
SKF SI20C plain bearings 677ZZ 7x11x3 7 11
AST GEBJ18C plain bearings 675ZZ 5x8x2.5 5 8
8 mm x 10 mm x 12 mm INA EGB0812-E40 plain bearings 6707LLF 35x44x5 35,000 44,000
Toyana TUP2 45.40 plain bearings 3978/3920 59,53 30,048 59,53 mm
127 mm x 196.85 mm x 111.125 mm SKF GEZ 500 TXA-2LS plain bearings 677 7x11x2.5 7 11
Toyana TUP1 75.80 plain bearings 6805 25x37x7 25 37